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Postpartum Exercise – What Do The Experts Recommend?

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Ever wonder what types of exercise are safe during the postpartum period? Maybe you have diastasis recti or a weak pelvic floor… what does this mean for your fitness? Today we are chatting all about those topics! I was so fortunate to catch up with Sarah Pearce, a prenatal and postnatal fitness expert to talk about working out postpartum, the benefits of minimalist shoes and some of the do’s and…

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Plastic-Free Dishes for Babies and Kids

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I get this question ALL of the time over on Instagram (if you’re not following me over there, please come join the party here!) – “what are the best non-plastic dishes for kids?” – so today I am answering that here for you (complete with links – none of these companies sponsor me in any way, these are just my honest thoughts ). Bottles Let’s start from the baby stage!…

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Top 5 Nutrition Tips For Fertility

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Infertility rates continue to rise in Canada and the US and now more than ever, couples are struggling to conceive. The reason behind this is largely unknown, but our exposure to environmental chemicals, the food system and our stress levels certainly aren’t helping. Getting pregnant is supposed to be easy, right? Not necessarily the case.  I say this with the most compassion because I KNOW the struggle. My husband and…

Kristin Brown

Kristin Brown

Registered Dietitian

Welcome to Grounded Health! My name is Kristin and I am a Registered Dietitian located in Fredericton, New Brunswick focused on living a real food life in a world of convenience and drive thrus. I am passionate about health and nutrition research and educating the world on the power of using food as medicine.

"I have struggled for years with weight loss. Kristin has worked with me on getting my digestive tract healthy again. I love that I'm doing this using whole foods. She has so much knowledge on the body and how it works that she is able to help me with all my quirks. She is an amazing support and so incredible to work with. I've learned so much in such a short time!"

− Shanna C.

Newest Recipes

keto raspberry smoothie

Raspberry Almond Keto Smoothie

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Smoothies are my jam. I am a busy mom of twin toddlers and a business owner and the reality of life is that sometimes I just need something quick that I can grab and go. I love this recipe because it’s quick, easy and tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (minus the bread, of course).  This smoothie is keto friendly but it’s a super healthy option for anyone, regardless…

Toddler approved banana muffins

Toddler Approved Blender Banana Muffins

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If you know me, I am all about quick and easy (and I am also all about not wasting food, especially when it comes to my sometimes picky toddlers). Muffins are such an easy snack options for the twins (who are now 18 months – where does the time go!?) and I think you guys will like it too! I love this recipe because I only dirty two dishes –…

Tex mex casserole

Oh She Glows Crowd Pleasing Tex Mex Casserole

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This casserole is SO good, SO quick and really budget friendly! I have been whipping this up the last couple of weeks for a quick meal that can be ready at a moments notice (very key with two babies around).  This one is definitely a crowd pleaser, I recommend giving it a try this week for quick, grab and go lunches! P.S. Excuse the food photography – My excuse =…

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